Libra Medical

Libra Medical, Inc. is a full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trial Management and Quality Assurance Services. In addition Libra Medical offers full hosting and management of MAESTRO CTMS™ Clinical Trial Management System.  MAESTRO is a full-featured, integrated data and trial management system at an affordable price.
We provide customized programs and technology solutions through our resident expertise in Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Clinical Trial Management.


MAESTRO is a complete software package for your clinical study needs.

 Why have multiple systems to deal with your clinical studies?



Clinical Trial Management

Libra Medical is a full service Clinical Trial Data Management organization offering services for all your clinical trial needs

Regulatory Affairs

Libra Medical will provide you with a comprehensive, global regulatory strategy for all classes of medical devices, IVD, and Biologics

Quality Assurance

Libra Medical will design for you with a Quality Assurance System customized specifically to meet your needs

Statistical Services

Libra Medical’s expert biostatisticians will review your study’s needs and determine the best methods for collecting, analyzing and presenting your data.

Risk Analysis

Libra Medical has a staff of trained professionals with “real life” experienced in Risk Analysis ready to help you.

Design Verification/Validation

Libra Medical’s staff members are experts in designing Validation and Verification plans, including Software Validations.

Human Factors

Libra Medical understands the fundamental principles of human factors and how the core concepts of human factors fit into the larger context of medical device software and hardware development.

About Libra

Libra Medical, Inc. was founded in January 2007 as a full Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing innovative solutions to the Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, and Quality Assurance functions within life science companies. Our clients include well-established global medical device companies as well as emerging medical device companies. We also provide services to companies in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical areas.
Libra Medical provides customized program and technology solutions through our resident expertise in Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Clinical Data Management and Clinical Trial Management.
Libra Medical utilizes and extends subscriptions of MAESTRO CTMS™, a full featured, integrated data and trial management system developed exclusively by Libra Medical.


Partner with customers and provide comprehensive, integrated strategic direction in Regulatory, Clinical and Quality Systems.
Focus on improving the management and execution of clinical research.
Deliver on-time results.